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Great Wave Aquatics

Insulated Packing (Cold Weather) Packaging Upgrade

Insulated Packing (Cold Weather) Packaging Upgrade

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Insulated Packing (Cold Weather) for Safe Shipping

If you are looking for a reliable solution to protect your goods during cold weather shipment, our insulated packing materials are the perfect choice for you! With our high-quality insulated packing, your products will remain safe and secure during transit, no matter how cold the temperature outside.

Our insulated packing materials are designed to keep your products at the optimal temperature during shipment. This comes with 1 heat pack and the package will be put into a thermal envelope or box lined with styrofoam if too large for our thermal envelope. This makes it perfect for a variety of products, such as our snails, shrimp, plants, and other temperature-sensitive goods.


At Great Wave Aquatics, we take pride in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. That's why we offer a wide range of insulated packing materials for all your cold weather shipping needs. Whether your package will need box liners or pouches, we have everything you need to keep your products safe and secure during transit.

So why wait? Buy insulated packaging for your package as an add on now, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your products are in safe! 

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