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Dragon Stone - 5lbs

Dragon Stone - 5lbs

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Dragon Stone - Aquascaping Stones

The Dragon Stone, also popularly known as Ohko stone, is a unique and beautiful stone that truly transforms your aquariums and fish tanks. Its greenish-brown color and texture mimic the dragon scales, hence the name. Not to mention, the stone is perfect for attaching plants or for creating a stunning and natural-looking aquascape. This pack contains 5lbs of Dragon Stone which is enough to decorate medium to large-sized tanks.

Dragon Stone is favored in aquarium setups for many reasons. Aside from its visually appealing look, Dragon Stones are also advantageous for your fishes. They are PH-neutral, meaning they will not affect the water's PH level in your aquarium. Additionally, their porous nature creates additional space for beneficial bacteria to grow, which in turn helps maintain a healthy environment in your fish tank.

Whether you are a hobbyist or professional aquarist, our Dragon Stone can be a game-changer for your tank decor. It helps complement other decorative elements in your tank while retaining a natural and scenic aesthetic. It can be used in a variety of ways – as a standalone centerpiece, or as part of a bigger aquascaping project. Get your Dragon Stone - 5lbs pack today and let your creativity run wild as you design a beautiful and healthy habitat for your aquatic fauna.


All our Dragon Stone packs will be hand picked individually by us. Containing one "Centerpiece" and multiple side pieces, as well as one flat "Anchor" piece. 

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