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Crypt Wendtii "Red" - Cryptocoryne Wendtii sp.

Crypt Wendtii "Red" - Cryptocoryne Wendtii sp.

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The Alluring Crypt Wendtii 'Red'

Step into the fascinating world of aquatic flora with the Crypt Wendtii 'Red'. Native to the streams and rivers of Sri Lanka, this evergreen species is a popular choice among fresh water shrine hobbyists. Its lush foliage, characterized by a rich red hue and uniquely wavy texture, creates an eye-catching display in any water body.

Known scientifically as Cryptocoryne Wendtii, this aquatic plant displays a stunning interplay of red and green tones. The leaves, curling beautifully at the edges, provide a captivating contrast against the usual green backdrop of a water tank, adding depth and interest.

While it thrives best under moderate lighting conditions, it exhibits a level of adaptability to low-light situations. Additionally, the plant's non-demanding nature in terms of substrate quality makes it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced aquarium enthusiasts.

The Crypt Wendtii 'Red' is more than just an aesthetic element. For fish and other aquatic creatures, its dense growth offers a perfect hideout, adding to their sense of security and happiness. The plant also contributes to maintaining a healthy water environment by absorbing excess nutrients.

In summary, the Crypt Wendtii 'Red' is a worthy addition to any aquarium setup. Its vibrant color, attractive leaf texture, and easy-to-grow nature make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a touch of nature's vitality to their aquatic assemblage. Experience the difference today with our Crypt Wendtii 'Red'.


Care Instructions

  • pH -  6.5 - 8.0

  • Temperature - 75°F - 82°F

  • Water Hardness - 8 - 18 gH°
  • Lighting - T5 or T8 full-spectrum LED lighting (6 - 8 hours) / Low to medium light 

  • Placement / Height - Foreground or Background / grows up to 6" tall

  • Propogation - cutting of rhizome, or through runners

  • CO2 - Not needed but will increase growth 
  • Fertilizers - Highly required for optimal growth 
  • Substrate - High quality substrate needed (I use UNS Controsoil)



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