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Christmas Moss Floating Ball

Christmas Moss Floating Ball

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Looking for a unique way to add Christmas Moss to your aquascape?

Look no further than our Floating Balls of Christmas Moss Vesicularia montagnei! These Christmas Moss Floating Balls are ideal for aquascaping your aquarium. The plant includes a unique feature of floating balls, adding a natural and stable structure to your tank. These floating Moss Balls also help to maintain the water balance by absorbing ammonia, nitrates, and phosphates acting as a natural and easy filtration option!

Christmas Moss is a popular aquatic plant among aquarium enthusiasts. Its name comes from the plant's green, Christmas-tree-like appearance, with a branching structure and small, dense leaves. It comes from Southeast Asia where it grows in streams with moderate to fast water flow. Its easy care and ability to tolerate a wide variety of water parameters make it a great plant for beginners and experienced aquascapers alike! 

In an aquascape, Christmas Moss is commonly tied or glued to hardscape such as rocks, driftwood, or scenery using fishing line or an acrylic based super glue. In this case it has been attached to a Floating Ball to float on the top of your aquascape for a unique appearance as it grows!

Care Instructions

  • pH -  5.0 - 7.5

  • Temperature - 65°F - 75°F

  • Water Hardness - fairly soft water preferred 
  • Lighting - T5 or T8 full-spectrum LED lighting (6 - 8 hours) / prefers medium to low light

  • Placement / Height - Attached to hardscape using thread or fishing line, or used as an "active substrate" / prefers medium to high water flow

  • Propogation - trim and reattach trimmings

  • CO2 - Not needed but will increase growth
  • Fertilizers - Not needed but will increase growth
  • Substrate - Not required or necessary

All our plants and creatures come with the Great Wave Guarantee (shipping free with upgrade to priority shipping; all other replacements will be sent at buyers cost) that the products will arrive alive and healthy and if not they will be replaced free of charge! Contact us for more details!


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