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Rotala Vietnam H'Ra - Rotala rotundifolia

Rotala Vietnam H'Ra - Rotala rotundifolia

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About Rotala Vietnam H'Ra


Rotala Vietnam H'Ra Rotala Rotundifolia, is a popular aquarium plant among hobbyists. It is native to Southeast Asia and is named after the H'Ra people who live in the highlands of Vietnam. It is a versatile plant that can thrive in various water conditions and is perfect for aquascaping.

The plant has thin stems, narrow leaves, and can grow up to 20 inches tall. The leaves are usually green and can turn reddish under bright lighting and with the addition of CO2. This plant is perfect for creating a vibrant and colorful underwater garden.


If you are looking for a beautiful and easy-to-care-for aquarium plant, Rotala Vietnam H'Ra is an excellent choice. It is suitable for beginners and experienced aquarists alike and can add a touch of natural beauty to any tank. Shop now to get your hands on this amazing plant!

Care Instructions

  • pH -  6.0 - 8.0

  • Temperature - 68°F - 82°F

  • Water Hardness - 4 - 15 gH°
  • Lighting - 5000K - 7000K Full-spectrum LED lighting (10 - 12 hours); can grow in medium light, will gain reddish tints under high light

  • Placement / Height - Midground and Background / can grow up to 20" without trimming; can also float if given enough nutrients in water column

  • Propogation - head cuttings at least 4" or replant runners into substrate

  • CO2 - will do fine after a period of adjustment, although it improves density, growth, and coloration.
  • Fertilizers - Liquid Fertilizers required, root tabs needed if not using nutrient rich substrate.
  • Substrate - Doesn't matter what kind of substrate, but grows best in quality, nutrient rich substrate (I use UNS Controsoil) 

All our plants and creatures come with the Great Wave Guarantee (shipping free with upgrade to priority shipping; all other replacements will be sent at buyers cost) that the products will arrive alive and healthy and if not they will be replaced free of charge! Contact us for more details! 

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