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Mermaid Weed - Proserpinaca palustris

Mermaid Weed - Proserpinaca palustris

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Proserpinaca palustris: A Dive Into The Enchanting World of Mermaid Weed

Mermaid Weed, Proserpinaca palustris, is a captivating aquatic plant ideal for those looking to add a unique depth of visual appeal to their ponds or aquariums. This plant, native to North America, is identified by its vibrant green and golden hues along with slender underwater stems. The leaves are beautifully designed, giving a wild yet graceful aura to your Aquascape.

Popularly known as Mermaid Weed due to its unique structure resembling a mermaid's tail, this fascinating plant grows relatively fast in optimum temperature conditions. Being a stunning midground plant, it creates an intricate background, especially in small and mid-size Aquascape.

Its alluring beauty and unique features certainly validate the efforts, making it a must-have for home and commercial underwater landscapes. Adorn your aquatic paradise with the mesmerizing charm of Proserpinaca palustris, which we fondly call - the Mermaid Weed.


Care Instructions

  • pH -  5.0-7.5

  • Temperature - 50°F - 82°F

  • Water Hardness - 0 - 18 gH°
  • Lighting - T5 or T8 full-spectrum LED lighting (6 - 8 hours) / High light

  • Placement / Height - Midground or Background / grows up to 16 inches tall

  • Propagation - Cutting and replanting stem

  • CO2 - Highly recommended
  • Fertilizers - Highly required for optimal growth 
  • Substrate - High quality substrate recommended (I use UNS Controsoil)

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