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Juncus Repens

Juncus Repens

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Exploring Juncus Repens - The Aquatic Marvel

Juncus Repens is a mesmerizing aquatic plant endemic to the United States and is highly beloved by Aquarists. Its upright, slim, and bright-green leaves provide a wild yet elegant feel to any aquarium. It is relatively easy to cultivate and is highly adaptive, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, Juncus Repens plays a vital role in aquascapes. Its roots help in stabilizing the substrate, preventing erosion and maintaining the right balance in the tank. Additionally, it acts as a fantastic refuge for aquatic creatures, providing shelter, food, and breeding grounds for various species.

So, if you're seeking to introduce a fresh breath of nature to your aquatic world that is easy to care for, visually appealing, and eco-friendly, Juncus Repens is your perfect choice.

Care Instructions

  • pH -  5.0 - 8.0

  • Temperature - 68°F - 79°F

  • Water Hardness - 0 - 18 gH°
  • Lighting - T5 or T8 full-spectrum LED lighting (6 - 8 hours) /  Medium light 

  • Placement / Height - Midground or Background / grows up to 16" tall

  • Propogation - Cut stem, new growth, or lateral shoots

  • CO2 - Not needed to low 
  • Fertilizers - Not needed to low
  • Substrate - High quality substrate needed (I use UNS Controsoil)

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