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Hydrocotyle Japan on a Mat - Hydrocotlye tripartita

Hydrocotyle Japan on a Mat - Hydrocotlye tripartita

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Get a vibrant and unique carpet in your Aquascape: Easy!

This Hydrocotyle Japan on a Mat is a great and easy way to add a unique aquatic look to any aquarium. A rooted mat of Hydrocotyle tripartita grows dense, lush foliage which oxygenates the water and provides a hiding place for fish. A great addition to any tank!

Native to the bogs of tropical regions of Japan, China, and India, Hydrocotyle Japan can survive in very extreme conditions; however it does prefer a stable aquarium. It can be grown as a terrestrial plant as well as submerged, making it a very popular plant in Terrariums and Vivariums! 

The leaves are a very unique shape, with 3 lobes that fan out when seen from above! Its color ranges from a very deep green to a yellowish green hue depending on the light given! Hydrocotyle Japan is well renowned as well for its ability to filter toxins from the water column, as well as its exceptional oxygenation properties. When given proper CO2 this plant will produce actual Oxygen bubbles that rise to the top of the Aquarium! 

Care Instructions

  • pH -  5.0 - 7.0

  • Temperature - 72°F - 78°F

  • Water Hardness - 2 - 12 gH°
  • Lighting - 20 - 30 PAR full-spectrum lighting (8-10 hours if no CO2); Leaves will grow yellowish with high light or dark green with low light 

  • Placement / Height - Foreground, Midground, or attached to hardscape / grows 5" tall 

  • Propogation - Trim and replant trimmings

  • CO2 - Required for optimal growth
  • Fertilizers - Required for optimal growth
  • Substrate - Quality substrate recommended (I use UNS Controsoil) / can be planted on hardscape with proper fertilizers

All our plants and creatures come with the Great Wave Guarantee (shipping free with upgrade to priority shipping; all other replacements will be sent at buyers cost) that the products will arrive alive and healthy and if not they will be replaced free of charge! Contact us for more details!

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