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Giant Hairgrass - Eleocharis montevidensis

Giant Hairgrass - Eleocharis montevidensis

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Need a beautiful, easy going background plant? 

Look no further than Giant Hairgrass Eleocharis montevidensis! 

Giant Hairgrass is an aquatic plant ideal for creating a lush, underwater atmosphere. This potted variety is easy to work with and propagates quickly, making it a great addition to any water feature. It also grows fast and tall and is able to cover any pesky hardware such as filters and heaters in the background of your aquascape! 

Originating in the marshes of Southern North America, Giant Hairgrass grows up to 3 feet tall making this the perfect plant for tall, larger planted aquariums. It prefers medium to high water flow but it doesn't require any special needs, however it will benefit from them. It's a very hardy plant and it's easy care make it a great background plant for beginners and expert aquascapers alike!

We offer Giant Hairgrass in plastic pots that's been grown in rock wool. When you add these to your aquascape you will want to remove the plant from the rock wool and rinse it the best you can the ensure you get all rock wool off to prevent any issues in your aquarium.

Care Instructions

  • pH -  6.0 - 9.0

  • Temperature - 59°F - 77°F

  • Water Hardness - 0 - 12 gH°
  • Lighting - T5 or T8 full-spectrum LED lighting (10 - 12 hours); will grow taller with adequate lighting

  • Placement / Height - Background / normally 12" but can grow up to 3 feet if allowed!

  • Propogation - through runners under the substrate

  • CO2 - Not required but will highly benefit
  • Fertilizers - Not required but will highly benefit  
  • Substrate - High quality substrate appreciated (I use UNS Controsoil) 

All our plants and creatures come with the Great Wave Guarantee (shipping free with upgrade to priority shipping; all other replacements will be sent at buyers cost) that the products will arrive alive and healthy and if not they will be replaced free of charge! Contact us for more details!

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