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Cholla Wood 4in Tunnel

Cholla Wood 4in Tunnel

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Cholla Wood 4in Tunnel - Natural Hideaway for Aquatic Pets

Enhance your aquarium’s natural aesthetic with our Cholla Wood 4-inch Tunnel. Sourced from the deserts of North America, this all-natural, sustainable wood offers a versatile and attractive addition to any aquatic or terrarium setup. Ideal for shrimp, small fish, and various invertebrates, it provides not only a safe hiding spot but also a surface for biofilm growth, which is essential for the diet of many aquatic species.

Why Cholla Wood 4-inch Tunnel?

  • Natural Beauty: Adds a rustic charm to your aquarium or terrarium, complementing any theme.
  • Safe & Secure: Offers a perfect hiding and spawning habitat for aquatic life, helping to reduce stress and promote health.
  • Biofilm Support: Encourages the growth of biofilm and algae, providing natural food sources for shrimp and other grazers.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Preparation: Pre-soaked to ensure it sinks and is aquarium-safe upon arrival. It’s recommended to boil for additional safety before introducing to your tank.
  • Placement: Easily positioned within any setup, it can be buried slightly in substrate or left on the surface for different aesthetic effects.

Aquascaping Benefits:

  • Versatility: Works well in both freshwater and marine environments, integrating seamlessly with other natural decor.
  • Enhances Water Quality: As it breaks down, it releases tannins that can help lower pH naturally and add beneficial properties to the water.

Order Your Cholla Wood 4in Tunnel Today! 
Visit Great Wave Aquatics to secure your piece of Cholla Wood and bring a piece of the natural world into your home aquarium or terrarium. Perfect for enhancing both the beauty and functionality of your setup.

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