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Aquario - Neo Solution 2 - Micronutrients(300 mL)

Aquario - Neo Solution 2 - Micronutrients(300 mL)

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Neo Solution 2 - Aquario's Ultimate Solution for Aquatic Plant Nutrition

Boost the health and growth of your aquatic plants with Aquario's Neo Solution 2 Aquatic Plant Fertilizer. This 300 mL solution provides essential nutrients for vibrant and thriving plants. Achieve better water quality and a beautiful aquarium with this expertly formulated fertilizer.

 Fertilizer Composition Guide





Solution 1

N, K, Mg, P
(General Macronutrients)

Aids in photosynthesis and promotes rapid growth

In a bad condition; when found holes in old leaves, color change and etc.

Solution 2

Fe, B, Mo, Ca and other essential micro elements, amino-acid and humic acid
(General Micronutrients)

Balances growth and color enhancement, strengthens red colors.

Bleached new leaves, twisted, colorless leaves.

How to use

1cc(1 pump)/10 liter every 3 days, twice as much after performing a water change. Adjustable according to the condition of your aquatic plants.

Recommended amount Solution 1 Solution 2 Solution Fe Solution K
30 days after setting
( Compact soil Plants or others added organic fetilizer )
No use No use No use No use
Maintaining completed aquatic plant aquarium 50% less 1cc/10litter 1cc/10litter 1cc/10litter
Fast growth required
(Water change needed)
50% more 50% less 50% less 50% less
Low light plant aquarium 50% less 1cc/10liter 1cc/10liter 1cc/10liter
Color formation and balanced growth 1cc/10litter 50% more 50% more 50% more

Recommended usage

The recommended dosage for a well maintained tank is 1cc/10 Liter per 3 days. (For reference, 1 pump about 2ml)

When algae appears,

Decrease the amount of liquid fertilizer usage and change water periodically.
The quantities of Co2 and light also need to be decreased along with your lighting time. You should in algae eating animals such as Amano shrimp.


  • Only use as a fertilizer for aquatic plants.
  • Do not use for shrimp breeding tank
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Sediment may normally appear, so shake it well before use.
  • For optimized growth needs Co2, filter, fertilizer and etc.
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